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Growing a Business From The Ground Up With New Canvas Advising

Ash Hoffman in Strategy  

Hannah Thomas is the founder and CEO of New Canvas Advising, an advising firm in the healthcare and life sciences industries. They came to A Brave New recently asking us to revamp their website with new and improved copy, a full redesign, and mechanisms to step up their lead generation game. 

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4 tips for more professional-looking phone videos

Shea Williamson in  

Maybe you're a bit nervous about posting your first "professional" LinkedIn or YouTube video because you feel like you don't have the equipment, or the experience. OR, maybe you've posted tons of videos, but you're not quite sure how to take your video quality up a notch without tons of effort.[...]

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Challenges and Opportunities With Digital Marketing On A Global Scale

Polly Yakovich in Podcast  

Our latest episode of A Brave New Podcast features the indomitable Devin Moore. Devin is the Global Marketing Manager for Xbox, and maybe even more importantly, the person who taught me how to create stories on Instagram when they very first came out. 

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Wrapping Up The Weirdest Quarter Ever

Josh Dougherty in Strategy, Inbound Marketing  

Well, this quarter has been a weird one. All of the possibility from early January feels a long ways away as I write this while sheltering in place in my home. It's not all bad though. I've been blown away by the flexibility and spirit of our team and the creativity and guile of our clients over[...]

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Business As Usual Is Cancelled

Polly Yakovich in Inbound Marketing  

This week, I was asked to participate in a webinar on the topic "Business As Usual Is Cancelled - Now What Do We Do?"

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Future-Proofing Your Business With Thought Leadership

Polly Yakovich in Podcast  

Our latest episode of A Brave New Podcast is a timely conversation about how you can future proof your business with thought leadership with Stephen Woessner, the Founder and CEO of Predictive ROI and the host of the Onward Nation podcast.

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Adapting In Times Of Crisis

Polly Yakovich in values, innovation, Marketing, Strategy  

Wow, this turned into a hard post to write. Here we are. A time in history that none of has experienced before.  I've heard a lot of everything this week: drama, guilt, fear, apocalyptic language, the show must go on. We are feeling it all.

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Get Our New Ebook: Learn How To Generate The Right Leads

Josh Dougherty in Inbound Marketing  

Lack of trust in salespeople, easy access to information about your business that you can’t control, complex sales that require buy-in from an army of executives — simply generating the right leads can feel like a crapshoot.

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Be Brave Enough To Trust Your Gut

Josh Dougherty in Entrepreneurship  

Most days I feel like I'm a brand new business owner. Then I sit back and reflect that Polly and I and our team have been building A Brave New together for more than six years. Time flies.

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