Steelhead Productions Inbound Marketing Program

Custom trade show exhibit designer Steelhead Productions wanted to move away from relying solely on relationships between sales teams and potential clients in order to achieve growth.

They turned to A Brave New to make it happen.

The Sitch

Scaling Up Sales and Marketing

Steelhead designs custom trade show exhibits for big brands at some of the largest trade shows in the country.

Two years ago, the company had a traditional sales team that relied on person-to-person relationships to bring in new clients. 

This outbound sales strategy had worked successfully to a point, but as the company grew they wanted to try an inbound methodology to attract customers online, build a solid roster of leads, and increase its competitiveness. They also wanted to break free from relying solely on relationships between their sales team and potential customers for new work.


The Solve

Springboarding Growth With Inbound

Knowing Steelhead wanted to jump into inbound marketing with both feet, A Brave New utilized a rapid onboarding process to drive quick results for the company. This process included:

On-site Kickoff Meeting

Initial strategy discussion, planning for first two months of blog content, identification of first content offer to attract new leads, and a definition of how leads could be qualified for sales.

Accelerated Content Launch

First blog post written and posted within 12 days of kickoff date, two lead generation content offers within the first three weeks.

Aggressive Marketing

Immediate demand-gen using digital media, launch of smart promos throughout website to drive visitor email address exchange for free resources, automated nurture paths to qualify all incoming website leads for sales and facilitate a smooth handoff.

The Results

Immediate Outcomes

Following the move to inbound marketing, Steelhead saw a 21% increase in traffic and a 163% increase in leads within the very first month.

The growth continued in the second year of the program, which saw the company increase leads by 177% over the previous year, and email subscribers by 207% over the previous year. In year 2 the ROI on the program was 8.9:1.



“The partnership between Steelhead and ABN has been outstanding. They have strategized and implemented a digital marketing strategy which produced results immediately. ABN has been and continues to be a vital part of the Steelhead sales and marketing team. I highly recommend their services to any company that wants to up their game!”

Rhiannon, Co-Owner & CMO of Steelhead

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