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Trends, Trust, & The Pursuit Of The Next Breakthrough

Josh Dougherty in Marketing, Featured  

Marketing is a tricky beast. To be a full-stack marketer today you must be part researcher, part psychologist, part futurist, part technologist, and part data scientist. You can say it out loud. It’s ok. There’s a lot to put your arms around.

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4 Books (+1 Article) That Will Make You A Better Leader In 2021

Josh Dougherty in Strategy  

The day-to-day work of leading with empathy, clarity, and purpose is difficult. It requires you to make judgment calls and snap decisions that will not only impact the direction of your organization, division, or department, but also your team. 

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How CEOs & Founders Can Safeguard The Future Of Their Company

Josh Dougherty in Branding  

Most CEOs and Founders have a certain magnetism. They can tell their organization's story like no one else. They inspire people to pay attention to their work. They attract top talent. They close deals.

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3 ways to templatize your design process to build efficiency

Shea Williamson in design  

It’s 10:34am, 

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Branding Is Memory Curation

Josh Dougherty in Branding  

I’m walking into my freshman English class and see a chair on top of the teacher’s desk. I look around and I see that all of us are looking confused. Ten minutes later, our 60-year-old professor hopped on top of the desk and jumped in the chair. He began to read. His bushy mustache bounced along[...]

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New Case Study: Technical Video Demo

Polly Yakovich in video  

Intel, Mojix, and Redapt wanted to demonstrate the power of their joint IoT solution—which leverages Google Cloud's Anthos—to a wide audience. A Brave New worked with the three partners to create a compelling video demo that illustrated the power of the solution and drove interest.

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Case Study: Redapt Brand Refresh

Ash Hoffman in Branding  

Acquiring businesses is tough work. There’s a lot of legalese, paperwork, and money transacting involved. And when it’s finally all said and done, you still have to do the hard work of blending cultures, coworkers, and brands together into a single, cohesive company. 

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The Best of 2020: 5 Posts to Make You a Better Marketer in 2021

Polly Yakovich in Marketing  

We all know 2020 was quite the year, and most of us are very happy to leave it all behind us. But I am determined to take something from it as well! It can’t all have been a loss.

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New Case Study: Huntsman Cancer Institute Brand Identity Development

Polly Yakovich in Branding  

Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) and Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF) needed a unifying brand identity that embodied their ideals and honored the legacy of their founder, Jon M. Huntsman. A Brave New created a brand identity to prepare HCI and HCF for the next 25 years of pursuing their[...]

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