Jun 15, 2018

Getting Eyes On Your Content

By: Josh Dougherty

Digital Media Inbound Marketing

"Ever had that sinking feeling? You hit the publish button and ...Nothing. Tumbleweed. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are countless ways to get eyes on your content. However, Facebook is one of the most powerful. Best thing? Promoting your content on Facebook doesn’t have to break the bank. You can start from as little as $1 per day."

If you're a digital marketer, you've had the experience Gavin Bell describes above in his article How to Use Facebook Ads to Distribute Your Content. We spend hours creating a blog post, or a white paper, or an eBook. We're convinced it's going to change our marketing results forever. And then when we publish, and nothing happens.

We tell our clients it takes 6 months to build up organic traffic with a blogging program. Here's why. If you're creating blog content that's relevant to your audience on a consistent basis, it's going to take time to build up your Google juice (SEO) to drive free traffic your way. It's also going to take time to build a following.

In the meantime, promoting your content using Facebook and digital media is a great way to get results right away.

Gavin suggests that you promote your best performing organic blog posts. This is a great suggestion. Maybe set aside a small amount of budget to do this. Using retargeting to reach past readers is another great option that he discusses in the article.

There are a couple other ways to leverage digital media advertising to drive traffic even as you're getting your inbound marketing program up and running:

  1. Promote Content Offers That Allow You To Capture Email: If you have a white paper or eBook that you're offering in exchange for an email address, this is a great offer to promote in social advertising.
  2. Buy Your Name on Google AdWords (and Bing): This may seem counterintuitive, but buying your name drives results. We wrote a post about this a while back.

Obviously, the ultimate goal of inbound marketing is to attract the majority of people to your site without paying cash out of pocket. But, we've proven time and again that there's a business case to using digital ad spend in a smart way to generate leads, get eyes on your content, and meet your business goals as part of your inbound program.

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