Big ideas begin with curiosity, questions, & exploration

When you design a brand or experience for humans, you must start with research. Research helps us understand customer perceptions, discern movements in the competitive landscape, or even discover if a product concept works in the real world.

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Customer research

Learn how your customers perceive your brand or your products through an in-depth interview process resulting in a full report, including verbatim responses.

Brand sentiment analysis

Understand how customers and the general public are talking about your brand on social media, in forums like Reddit, and more.

Ideal customer profile & persona development

Define your ideal customer and build research-based personas that reflect their outlook, motivations, values, & buying behaviors.

Customer journey mapping

Map out how your customers experience your brand and what opportunities exist to improve their journey.

Competitor analysis

Gain perspective on how your competition positions their brand, presents their products and solutions, and shows up in marketing.

Usability testing

Determine the effectiveness of a website or digital experience through live expert-facilitated user testing.


Gather input, gain a new perspective

Our research offerings focus on three categories: customer research, competitor analysis, and product testing.


Take the first step toward a lasting impression

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