Jul 27, 2018

Our Website Will Never Drive Quality Leads...

By: Josh Dougherty

Inbound Marketing

A few months ago I was on a new business call. Our conversation was going well. We were digging into the challenges this prospect faced and how inbound marketing could help solve them. Then, the prospect told a quick anecdote:

"A few weeks ago our sales team was meeting with a consultant who advises our company. During the conversation our blog came up. We were discussing how much effort we should put into it. The consultant was clear. It should drop way down the priority list because everyone knows you'll never get a quality lead from your website."

Luckily, the fact that the prospect was talking to me, means that she didn't hold this same opinion.

Two months later, I'm still thinking about this consultant's comment. Here's why: it's probably the most common lie that holds back businesses from digitally-driven growth. If your business sells a high value B2B product or service, you've probably heard someone voice this same opinion. They're wrong.

In fact, businesses selling a high-value product are ideally suited to use their website to drive leads. Just take a look at the work we've done with Vera Whole Health.

Businesses who believe their website can't produce quality leads usually don't have any system in place to attract, capture, or qualify website leads. As a result, their beliefs are self-perpetuating. Each time they take a chance with an inbound marketing tactic like blogging, it doesn't work. There's no system behind the tactic. Therefore, the effort fails. And slowly...the website reverts to digital billboard status.

This self-defeating cycle can be solved by taking a systematic approach to digital lead generation. We use A Brave New's inbound funnel to guide our approach.

Inbound Marketing Funnel

This funnel allows us to guide leads from the initial point of awareness all the way down to the moment when they are ready to talk to sales (we call this a marketing qualified lead). It's proven. Our clients will vouch for it. If it can increase Vera's inbound leads by 311% in 90 days, it's probably can help your business as well.

So, take the funnel, use it as a guide for your digital lead generation efforts. And, if you'd like to talk with us about your inbound program, you can always request a free 1-hour consultation. No strings attached. We're happy to help.

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