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Our blog is a collection of articles about branding, content strategy, and design. Our articles focus on unpacking key concepts, ideas, and trends that will help healthcare and technology firm build a memorable brand that will help them stand out in their market and grow. Each article is hand-crafted by our team and our closest partners.

A Brave New is a branding, content strategy, and design agency located in Seattle, WA. We help healthcare and technology brands break away from the crowd, rise above the chaos, and make a lasting impression.


The secret to an accelerated branding process

In this guide we unpack why a unique brand matters, how to know if your brand needs work, and the essential things you need to think about to conduct an effective branding process.

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ABN e65 - Marketing With Purpose, with Heidi Lorenzen-1

Marketing With Purpose, with Heidi Lorenzen

Heidi Lorenzen joins Josh on this episode of A Brave New Podcast to build a marketing program that achieves great things.

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