Jul 20, 2016

Are we an Agency or a Technology Partner?

By: Jacob Smith


I was pointed to an interesting article that summed up a discussion based on this prompt:

In a time when everything is digital, what is the purpose or role of a specialist digital agency?

The article highlights an important distinction between using the internet as another channel of traditional marketing and using technology to disrupt and do something new. Any traditional agency worth it's salt can apply what they know to a new channel. All they need is a "digital specialist" that knows how to execute in those channels.

The post then goes on to make it's key point:

The fact is digital technology provides marketers with much more than simply a way of gaining attention and awareness. You can engage with your audience in a meaningful way moving beyond simply storytelling into providing the audience with utility or usefulness. Technology allows you to capture data on consumer behaviour and it can facilitate your customers telling stories about their experience of the brand and sharing it with others.

The example they use is an e-commerce system in a large organization where someone needs to understand user needs in light of marketing wants and IT constraints. That bridge building is what I love to do. I've been writing about how to do that for a while.

That's one of the things I'm excited about doing as part of A Brave New. Polly and Josh appreciate the value of technology as a practice in a way few other creative folks do. At A Brave New technology isn't an afterthought it's a corner stone of everything we do.

If you feel like technology is just a means to an end for your organization and not something that is significantly responsible for and accelerating your growth, then you may be falling behind.

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