Sep 21, 2018

5 Blogs & 3 Newsletters to Follow Today

By: Polly Yakovich


As marketers, we are trying to strike a difficult balance. We have have lists of things to try, tasks that remain undone, tests that we want to implement, and yet ... we need to keep up on what's new, and keep bringing clients new ideas.

Curating that perfect list of go-to resources is the life's work of any marketer. The ones that make the cut are resources that we can count on for fresh ideas, places we know we can get the latest and greatest, and that help us cut through the clutter to find our next breakthrough result.

Here are a few of the blogs and newsletters that make our go-to list:


  1. Matthew Barby - Matt is a practitioner and an excellent teacher. His in-depth blog posts will help you with any of your marketing challenges - from starting to earn a social media following, to identifying where your inbound program needs optimization. This blog is a must-read.
  2. Seth Godin - DUH. If you aren't reading this blog, you might not be in marketing. The father of modern marketing, Seth is always one step ahead - urging us to be empathetic, do the right thing, and make marketing a higher calling.
  3. CMI - The Content Marketing Institute's blog (and other resources) should be a go-to for any content marketer. As an educational institute, you can brush up on skills, discover what's new in the field, and see results from a variety of organizations.
  4. Hubspot - Yes, Hubspot is a product and they want you to buy. BUT their site is an absolute treasure trove of practical resources for any marketer. From blog posts to in-depth content, training resources, utilize all they have to offer.
  5. A List Apart - Great resources and insight for people who make websites.

Honorable mentions also go to:

Nonprofits should check out:


  1. NextDraft - Dave Pell's newsletter is an almost-daily roundup of the day's news, so this isn't purely a marketing source. But the breadth of articles he curates is incredible, and his synopsis gives a quick (and entertaining) summary of the content. I've found more than a few obscure articles I would have never seen without him. A daily email sounds intimidating, but Dave's writing makes it more than palatable. I look forward to this email every day.
  2. Siimon Reynolds - Siimon focuses on entrepreneurs and business owners, but he gives the most practical advice for anyone running a business or looking to close their next sale.
  3. Ian Lurie's Reality Check - Ian is the brilliant owner of Portent, an SEO and content marketing agency in Seattle. His monthly newsletter will keep you up to date on what product rollouts have happened, what they mean for ranking, and help prioritize what you should care about or ignore.

What about you? What are your favorite blogs or newsletters?

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