Jul 05, 2018

Creating A Brand That Doesn't Loot'n'Leave

By: Josh Dougherty


"I think I’ve cracked the obsession amongst much of the Silicon Valley set with compressing work life, sacrificing everything until the big exit, and running fast while breaking all the things: If you don’t plan to stick around, who cares how you leave the things behind?
This loot’n’leave strategy can justify much of what’s wrong with startup culture in the broad, below-the-titans cut (where reaching emperorhood brings its own justifications). Employees, customers, regulations, and, hell, even society at large, is much easier to screw over without regret if you don’t have to stick around for all that long. A few years of being the villain or the asshole is probably something a lot more people can imagine tolerating than if it was the condemnation of a whole career."

David Heinemeier Hansson is the lesser known founder of Basecamp. But just like his partner in crime, Jason Fried, he delivers the goods in his latest post over at Signals vs. Noise. Raw, frank, and to the point.

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If you're the owner of a business that you're committed to growing, you need to stop and take head of DHH's words. It's easy to fall into the trap of idolizing Silicon Valley entrepreneurs because of the big payout they receive when they sell their company. They will run through any wall and every person on the way to their payday.

This approach just won't work if you plan to grow a business long-term. Your brand will be wrecked. You will be much more successful if you do these 4 things:

  1. Answer this question: What longing, desire, or deep need does my brand fulfill?
  2. Create a plan for how you want your business to go. We recommend a system called the Entrepreneurial Operating System.
  3. Invest in your culture and your people. If you need help with this, talk to our friend Chris Ihrig, he's brilliant.
  4. Work your plan. Successful growth is 90% the result of follow through.


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