Case Study: Washington Fosters Website & Inbound

Written by Polly Yakovich

When the Washington Association For Children & Families wanted to increase recruitment of foster parents, A Brave New built them a first-in-the-nation inbound program.

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The Sitch: It takes work to bring kids and foster parents together

The Washington Association For Children & Families (WACF) had a unique problem to solve. Due to individual foster care agencies in Washington being left to recruit their own foster parents, there was no centralized method for finding the right families for children in need of a foster home.

As a solution for this problem, WACF wanted a way to recruit potential foster care parents online — a single place for those interested in becoming a foster parent to get the information they needed to help the children who needed it most.

The Solve: Creating an Efficient and Effective Plan

As a nonprofit, WACF’s money was limited and needed to be put to the best use. We developed a plan that included:

  1. Recruitment Program — Research assistance, a first-in-the-nation inbound marketing program aimed at identifying and recruiting foster parents.
  2. Identity — Standalone brand and dedicated microsite to serve as the center of the recruitment program.
  3. Post-Recruitment Plan — Developed process to equitably refer recruited parents to each agency partnering with WACF.

"The staff at A Brave New have been great to work with, they are very responsive and provide clear communication so we have all of the information we need to make informed decisions about our project. If the need for future projects were to arise, A Brave New would be the first agency we would contact."

- Jill May, Executive Director

Read the full case study.

Written by Polly Yakovich on 05.13.2020
Category Web Design, Inbound Marketing  

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