Case Study: Redapt Brand Refresh

Written by Polly Yakovich

When enterprise technology solutions provider Redapt acquired a cloud services company, they needed a way to move forward with a single, unified brand. At the same time, the company wanted to refresh its branding to better reflect its new trajectory.

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The Sitch: Relaunching a brand after two companies became one

Redapt is an enterprise technology solutions provider with a growing footprint of clients nationwide and global. When the company acquired a cloud services company, they needed a way to move forward with a single, unified voice to help them stand out in their crowded industry.

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THE SOLVE: Good Things Can Happen Quickly

Working on a compressed timeline, A Brave New conducted a comprehensive brand refresh for Redapt. 

This refresh included everything from research and design, to marketing and implementation — all within four months.

The speed and attention to detail ABN delivered helped our company unify its brand and reintroduce ourselves as a standout in the crowded enterprise technology market — and they did it in just four months.

David Cantu, Co-Founder and COO of Redapt

Read the full case study.


Written by Polly Yakovich on 04.14.2020
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