This week's episode of A Brave New Podcast features David Cantu, Co-founder and CMO of Redapt, the company behind many technology industry unicorns’ global data center infrastructure deployments. Redapt works with hundreds of SaaS, Public Cloud Providers, and Web Scale companies to solve their technology deployment challenges.

David has been instrumental in the company’s 20+ years of growth at every step. Being entirely self-funded didn't make the journey comfortable, but Redapt’s interest in identifying promising enterprise technologies early and developing expertise ahead of the market has helped their success. David is proud of Redapt’s history of innovation and contribution to solving difficult technology challenges with their customers.

David shares how Redapt's strong company culture has been the key to retaining employees in an industry with notoriously rapid turnover. He also outlines some key struggles and roadblocks Redapt has had to overcome in its growth, why nimbleness and a willingness to pivot have been key, and why he's passionate about supporting entrepreneurs.

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Written by: Polly Yakovich
Category: Podcast
June 26, 2020
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