Podcast: million to zero

Written by Jacob Smith

A second week with our new format! A slight tweak this week as we count down the top five posts on r/marketing.

We spend more time talking about how creepy Reddit can be, but also compliment the softer, more supportive side of the community. We also changed our recording setup and Polly had her settings turned to morning radio DJ. Enjoy the reverb.

The top posts this week are:

  1. Just analyzed the success of Lululemon Athletica yoga wear company
  2. Only 1 in every 7 A/B tests is a statistically significant winning test
  3. Can a one man shop compete against a medium sized company with a content team in inbound marketing?
  4. How to Make Amazing Graphics for Free
  5. I Never Thought I Would Say This... But I Need Help. Went From Millionaire To Broke. Here's What's Going on...

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Written by Jacob Smith on 07.13.2018

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