Feb 03, 2015

We have a problem.

By: Polly Yakovich


At A Brave New we call ourselves problem-centric.

But what does that mean?

Why would we focus on problems?  That’s so negative.  Shouldn’t we focus on solutions?

That’s precisely our point.

Most companies only provide a couple solutions. And then they fit your problem into their prescribed solution.  We get it, they can’t do everything...and they want your business.  It pays the bills.  So it’s tempting to find a way for their specialty – their solution – to fit your problem.  More than tempting – it’s business as usual.

But we don’t think that works.  At the very least, it's not in your best interest.

We think this cycle leaves businesses stunted. Caught in the cycle of stale solutions and unable to reach for ideas that are outside the box.  Ideas that will elevate them to the next level.

It should be about you.  Your unique strengths, weaknesses, needs, and goals.  Your customers, your donors, and your clients are precious.  They deserve your best.

We take a different approach.  First we listen.  And then we prescribe.  We only want to work with you if we can actually help you. In fact, we won’t do you any good if your problem is a round hole and our solution is a square peg.

It seems obvious.  Maybe even a little naïve.  But we don’t care.

Being focused on your problem is our guarantee to you. We want to sit down with you and think through your problems, allowing the best solutions to emerge. If we can’t fix your problem with our expertise, we’ll help you find someone who can.

Because you deserve a solution that really fits.

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