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The Best of 2020: 5 Posts to Make You a Better Marketer in 2021

Polly Yakovich in Marketing  

We all know 2020 was quite the year, and most of us are very happy to leave it all behind us. But I am determined to take something from it as well! It can’t all have been a loss.

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Account Based Marketing 101: A Guide to Getting Started

Polly Yakovich in Marketing, Account-Based Marketing  

Fewer than 1% of all leads turn into customers. That means that 99% of the average business’s sales and marketing efforts are not working (don’t take our word for it, take Forrester’s.) 

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New Guide: How We Work With Clients (And Why It Works)

A Brave new in Marketing, Featured  

Are talented marketing agencies hard to find? No. But thriving client-agency partnerships are. That’s why we collaborated with one of our clients to create this resource together—to share insight into how we do things and why it works.

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The Future Is Human Connection … In Virtual Spaces

Josh Dougherty in innovation, Marketing, Featured  

In the thousands of hours I’ve spent building and executing marketing efforts for clients, and my own agency, I’ve learned two things that remain true, no matter how much technology has evolved:

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Adapting In Times Of Crisis

Polly Yakovich in values, innovation, Marketing, Strategy  

Wow, this turned into a hard post to write. Here we are. A time in history that none of has experienced before.  I've heard a lot of everything this week: drama, guilt, fear, apocalyptic language, the show must go on. We are feeling it all.

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How much does video equipment cost? A little. A lot. And somewhere in between.

Shea Williamson in design, Marketing, services, video  

Ahhh "video." That word has been at the top of every content creator's list of to-do's for the past decade. But where do you even start? Well... you could do worse than to buy and start experimenting with the equipment required to actually produce video content.

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What I (Re)Learned About Marketing From Opening A Butcher Shop

Polly Yakovich in Marketing  

At the end of the year, my husband and I finally opened the doors to our three-year labor of love - a butcher shop and restaurant in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, where we live.

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The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Polly Yakovich in Marketing, Podcast  

Josh and I were privileged to be interviewed on the Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast, where we talked about why we left big agency life to start A Brave New, and how we try to get clients into the marketplace quickly where they can learn and adjust while getting leads rather than wasting time[...]

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An Interview With Lindsey Gregerson

Polly Yakovich in Marketing, management  

Lindsey Gregerson is the Director of Customer Success at Vera Whole Health. In working with Lindsey for the past few years, she has impressed me with her leadership, her ability to stay calm under pressure, and the grace with which she navigates difficult situations.

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Designing An Effective Offer & Campaign

Polly Yakovich in Marketing  

There are so many factors to consider when designing an effective offer and building a marketing campaign to sell it. Here are the 5 basic components that will bring you success:

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