Jun 25, 2018

5 Quick Campaigns For Impact

By: Polly Yakovich


If you're in between major campaigns or just feel like your program or product needs a jump start, here are some ideas for 5 quick campaigns you can implement this week.

1. Rally For A Cause

It's always a challenge to wade into political waters, but there are lots of positive ways that you and your brand can stand for something you believe in. No one knows your audience better than you, and you should know what they care about. With the recent horrors of a no tolerance immigration policy on the news, I've seen many non-political brands offer a variety of discounts and matching gifts to organizations working to help children. This is a great way to bond like-minded people closer with your brand, contribute to something meaningful, and get people to share your offer.

2. Host A Competition Or Giveaway

If you're a travel business, you might make ask your audience to share travel stories or photos that give you great content to share on your site and help expand your reach. If you sell engagement rings, you might ask for people's best engagement plans and give the winner a free ring (or discount). Get creative with a competition or straight giveaway that makes sense for your product or service, and use the opportunity to create a little excitement, collect email addresses, and promote social sharing of your brand.

3. Reach Out To Influencers

Contact 5 bloggers or influencers that you've built relationships with (and if you don't have any relationships to draw on, start making a list of people to reach out to right away). See what they're working on now and if your product or service fits into their theme. If they have a wide following, they likely work on a longer editorial schedule, but you should be planning to interact with each influencer (and their audience) several times a year. You can do this by providing them helpful content for their audience (sometimes in exchange for promoting them on your site), or by sponsoring a post where they use and review your product or service.

4. Publish A Case Study

These tend to fall off the radar, so if it's been a while since you've proved to your audience that you can do what you say you can, prioritize creating a case study in the coming weeks. This doesn't have to be a 20 page white paper. Just showcase your work and result, and the benefit the client got. Send out a press release, have them feature on their blog, publish on your website. Turn it into a mini campaign.

5. Offer A New Content Resource

Like above, if you haven't offered a great new piece of content lately, create a simple white paper or ebook that shares a process you've developed, or something you've learned lately. This gives you a great chance to offer your audience something new, and build your following by attracting new prospects. Make sure to support it with paid and earned digital media efforts to drive traffic.

Remember, building a marketing program that delivers great returns takes time and consistent effort. If you're between major campaigns, take just one of the suggestions above and try to move the needle for your brand this week. Use this opportunity to try something new and see what you learn. And let us know!

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