Jul 02, 2018

The One Thing That Will Make Or Break Your Marketing

By: Polly Yakovich


Frank Cowell recently wrote a great piece on marketing momentum. There were two pieces of advice that I specifically want to highlight.

He talks about how perfect is the enemy of the good, a concept that we speak about often with clients that get stuck iterating and struggling to execute. Frank says:

"Stop obsessing over how perfect that blog post is. Get it out. Stop worrying about whether or not you have the right studio lighting for that video. Get it out. Stop overthinking. You're not executing enough. You're thinking too much. Get it out."

If you find yourself struggling to ship, keep in mind the Pareto principle, or the 80/20 rule. Getting 80% of the way to your desired product is almost always good enough for what you're trying to accomplish. The effort required to get the remaining 20% (to 100%) takes a lot of time and energy, and the benefit you get from spending that energy needs to make business sense. Decide what really requires perfection (or close to it) and what is good enough. As with any marketing effort, doing something consistently is the most important (and most difficult) part. The quality should be high, but doesn't need to be perfect. You'll lose a lot of opportunities trying to get there.

Which leads me to the next insight. Frank says:

"Marketing is just like going to the gym. How asinine would it be to go to the gym somewhat consistently in month 1, miss days in month 2, barely show your face in month 3, and then have the audacity to say "Man, that fucking gym sucks — I still look and feel like shit!"

Ugh, the gym part of this one hits a little close to home. But he's right. And this is why marketing agencies have work. Executing is the hardest part. You have to make quality content, get it out to the right people, measure it, learn, adjust, and repeat. It's a lot of work, and it has to happen consistently. It's hard to do that work internally when you have competing priorities.

You've heard us talk about why inbound marketing is incredibly effective at driving leads and converting them to customers. But it takes time to establish your program. You need to create very consistent, regular content so that your audience knows they can count on you to provide unique thinking and relevant advice.

So get executing. 




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