Feb 03, 2023

New Resource: 4 Levers To Pull To Improve Your Healthcare Marketing

By: Josh Dougherty

Marketing Healthcare


Let’s be blunt. B2B healthcare marketing is complex. The pain points are multifaceted, the communication challenges aren’t exactly simple, and differentiation is no easy task. But, that complexity is one of the things that makes it so rewarding, and the reason ABN thrives when building marketing strategies in this space.

If you’re as energized about the world of healthcare marketing as we are, you’ve got to check out this resource we put together. Not only does it have useful advice on differentiating your brand and connecting with potential clients, but we’ve also featured helpful comments from industry experts, such as Deepika Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer at CareJourney.

For example, the guide makes the important point that you shouldn’t forget your current clients. Sometimes, healthcare organizations are so focused on trying to gain new clients that they overlook the people they’re already working with—organizations who presumably chose them, utilize them, and appreciate them. Not only do you need to continue marketing to these people and doing what it takes to keep them happy, but you should also consider involving them in your efforts to expand your reach.

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The guide suggests:

  • Creating case studies around the issues you’ve solved for them
  • Involving them in webinars, interviews, videos, and other projects
  • Crafting peer networking opportunities, such as digital and in-person events, and inviting them to share their knowledge and experiences
  • Including their testimonials on your website and marketing materials

Going Beyond the Specifics with Your Marketing

Personally, I find the emphasis on keeping things “human” to be the most valuable part of this resource. But, I love the human side of marketing and getting to interact with many different people through my work, so I might be a little biased.

Let’s be honest—when it comes to healthcare, we’re all deeply involved in the specifics and technology involved. We need to be able to communicate how things work, why they work, and each of the available products, services, and components. 

But, in the midst of all that, marketers can lose sight of how dry these things get when they’re disconnected from the stories and experiences of real people. B2B customers do want to understand the technicalities of what you’re offering. But, they’re also eager to find out how you’re going to treat them and what you care about.

Aside from advice on making your content as human as possible, the guide also covers:

  • Ways of going deeper with your branding to make it more memorable
  • Why the fundamentals are still key, and the areas healthcare marketers in particular should focus on
  • How you can creatively utilize your existing customer base

Are you ready to get started? Get your free copy of the guide now. [LINK:<url>]

In the meantime, here’s a preview from the branding section of the guide:

Go Deeper with Your Branding

When you consider your branding, do you focus on the unique essence at the center of your brand? Do you think about how to infuse it throughout your organization? Many healthcare organizations don’t extend their brands this far, which means that deepening your branding, and the method in which you roll it out, is a huge area of opportunity.

“Brand Essence—the connecting thread linking together everything that you do. This is the main ‘memory’ that you want to leave people with every time you interact with them.” — Josh Dougherty, An Introduction to Integrated Branding

Successful branding work infuses your brand through every facet of your organization, from how your teams are organized to the ways you engage with customers. It should stretch far beyond the ideation phase, weaving itself naturally into your team and culture. 

When healthcare organizations pull this off, it’s tremendously valuable. Tactics, technology, and even offerings evolve, but your values, which are expressed through your brand, generate long-term trust. And, 81% of consumers need to trust a brand before they buy.

A key way of infusing your branding throughout your organization is to incorporate internal training into the process. Hour-long sessions can encourage your team members to live out the brand and integrate brand essence into their daily behaviors and interactions. That way it becomes a living, breathing part of your culture, rather than a mere collection of bullet points and materials.

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