How Vera Whole Health Increased Inbound Leads by 311 Percent In 90 Days

Written by Polly Yakovich


Vera Whole Health has a unique sales challenge. They provide fully staffed on-site clinics for large employers and medical systems. Deciding to build and run a medical clinic on or near-site is a major decision for any business.

Vera asked us to help them bring more qualified leads into their pipeline so their sales team could work on closing $1 million+ B2B deals. They also wanted to shorten their 18 month sales cycle with better lead qualification and have their staff spend their time working with pre-qualified leads rather than running after everything that popped up.


Vera wanted to move aggressively to fill their pipeline with qualified leads.

We used our proven approach for developing an online funnel to bring in qualified leads:

  • Content strategy and user personas that fuel all content creation - so we know we’re saying the right things to the right people
  • Content creation that’s laser focused on providing rich content to the people who are searching for it
  • Demand generation that dramatically increases awareness through paid digital media advertising
  • Automated nurture pathways to cultivate interested people into qualified leads who want to talk to sales
  • Cornerstone landing pages and content clusters to prove thought leadership and improve SEO
  • Reporting to measure success, leverage Hubspot insights and continually optimize for consistent improvement

Results in first 90 days:

  • Traffic:  85% increase  year over year
  • Leads: 125% increase year over year
  • Marketing Qualified Leads: 311% Increase Year over Year


We used the following tactics to achieve these results:

  • Content strategy
  • User research
  • Personas
  • Blog posts, white papers, ebooks
  • Digital media / Demand generation
  • Email nurture pathways
  • SEO Cornerstone landing pages
  • Social media promotion
  • Reporting


“A Brave New is good people – experienced, curious, smart – and a breath of fresh air. They cut their teeth on the fundamentals, so in an ever-evolving industry with no shortage of opinions, it’s a load off to know that ABN stays on top of the trends and pays due attention to what actually works. Our program is flourishing thanks to them."

 - Peter, Vice President of Marketing

Written by Polly Yakovich on 07.20.2018
Category Inbound Marketing, Case Studies  

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