Sep 14, 2018

How Steelhead Productions Increased Website Leads By 163% In One Month

By: Josh Dougherty

Inbound Marketing Case Studies


Rhiannon Andersen came to us with a bold challenge. She wanted to change the way her company did sales. An ambitious goal when you’re already one of the Inc. 5,000 fastest growing companies in the United States. But, then again, Steelhead is an ambitious company.

Steelhead designs custom trade show exhibits for big brands at some of the largest trade shows in the country including CES, SolarPower International, and E3.Traditionally the trade show exhibit design industry has relied on outbound sales to close deals, but Rhiannon wanted to try an inbound methodology. She believed that by attracting customers online, Steelhead would be able to exponentially increase it’s growth, build a steady stream of leads, and leapfrog its competition.

Two days before our kickoff meeting Steelhead let the majority of their sales team go. You can read more about the circumstances here. They had to move quickly to generate new leads, and we were ready to dive in and help.


In light of Steelhead’s dramatic sales team turnover, they needed a new source of leads fast, so we doubled down to start driving leads immediately.

We used our rapid onboarding process to drive quick results for Steelhead

  • Held an on-site kickoff meeting where we discussed initial strategy, planned the first two months of blog content, identified the first content offer we would use to attract new leads, and discussed how we would qualify leads for sales
  • Launched first blog posts 12 days after kickoff meeting
  • Launched two lead generation content offers within three weeks of the kickoff date
  • Generated immediate demand using digital media ads
  • Launched smart promos throughout the site that motivated people to provide their email address in exchange for a resource
  • Implemented automated nurture pathways for all leads coming into the site to qualify them for sales and facilitate a smooth handoff

Results in first full month of program:

  • Traffic: Increased traffic 21% over their average monthly sessions
  • Leads: 163% increase over previous month


  • Blog posts, white papers, ebooks
  • Digital media
  • Email nurture pathways
  • Social media promotion
  • Reporting

Client quote:

“The partnership between Steelhead and ABN has been outstanding. They have strategized and implemented a digital marketing strategy which produced results immediately. ABN has been and continues to be a vital part of Steelhead sales and marketing team. I highly recommend their services to any company that wants to up their game!”

— Rhiannon, Owner & Chief Marketing Officer


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