Jun 06, 2018

Do Some People Dislike You? That's Great News

By: Josh Dougherty


Seth Godin wrote a post today titled "It's not for everyone." His entire point was that you're doing things right is someone says this about your work.

No one hates a flavor like vanilla. No one remembers it either. This is true of great brands as well.

When we do card sorts with clients to identify their brand personality, we push them to discard basic cards like "professional." No one is going to remember you for being professional. They'll remember your brand for the things that make you stand out. Here are a few of my favorite personality traits that clients have chosen:

  • The client who ran a database who decided they wanted the term sexy in their personality
  • The nonprofit who was bold enough to be whimsical
  • The professional speaker who decided to own "no bullshit" while also being a quirky professor like Bill Nye

What is your "no bullshit," quirky professor combo? What's going to make you stand out?

Don't be vanilla. Everyone likes something with a little more spice.

Some people will also hate. And that's ok.

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