Jul 23, 2018

How To Stand Out

By: Polly Yakovich


A couple months ago the Boston Globe reported that staffers who tweet on behalf of Trump intentionally use bad grammar and overuse exclamation points to mimic his style.

Regardless of your politics (grimace), Trump has a way of communicating on Twitter that garners attention. Yes, the content is outrageous. But the style alone also captures attention. 

This reminds me of my days in print. We would never intentionally print a spelling error on a mail piece, but every great once in a while a proofreader (and all the other 35 people reviewing a piece) would miss something and a spelling mistake would go to print. Clients would freak. But agency people secretly cheered. Why?

You could almost ensure that any piece with a spelling error would produce exceptional results. It caught people's eye. They might judge you for a minute, but then they engaged with the content.

Sometimes looking professional is too safe. We find this a lot in our branding and content strategy work. People want to be taken seriously, but if you aren't willing to embrace the more interesting aspects of your brand, no one will notice you. There is too much competition. 

So how do you stand out?

Marketing channels are cluttered and your audience is savvy about negotiating them. Think of some ways to cut through the clutter. Don't be afraid to be bold.

  • Our client Steelhead Productions mails their direct mail in a bright pink, oversized envelope. It captures attention.
  • Use garish clip art or gif on your digital media ads. Looking less produced can really stand out.
  • Add an interesting visual to the blog post you just wrote. Maybe a hand-illustrated element?

Try and step back from the work you've just created. What can you add to stand out? 


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