Jun 14, 2018

4 Keys To Designing An Effective Facebook Ad

By: Polly Yakovich

Digital Media

On Facebook, you have milliseconds to catch someone’s eye while they scroll through their feed. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

Image choice will make or break your campaign, because no one reads the ad unless the image captures their attention.

Here are 4 keys to designing an ad that will attract your target audience, prime them to take action, and help you accomplish your campaign goals.

Key 1: Choose Images That Build Emotional Connections

Every Facebook campaign has a goal. Creating an emotional connection with your audience is the best way to achieve it. Try to evoke emotions like inspiration, excitement, or even concern. Help your audience see themselves and the things they care about in the ad. At all costs avoid indifference and boredom.

Selecting a good image is as easy as a google search. Google is a great tool for finding images and navagativing licensing issues. Run an image search on your desired photo, then click tools and usage rights, select the applicable license and you’re good to go.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.14.45 PM

Key 2: Use A Modern Font

A dated font will make your audience look away. Don’t make your ads look like they are visitors from the internet of 1998. We recommend keeping type minimal on the image and choosing a condensed font.

Key 3: Consider Your Sitelines

Sightlines are highly underrated. Select images that drive your eyes to the key message in the ad. Take a look at the ad below. All the bears are looking at the text inviting you to condemn extreme hunting. How could you not oblige?

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.15.07 PM
Key 4: Include A Strong Call To Action

If an ad is pretty, but doesn’t tell you what to do, it’s useless. Think through the specific action you want your audience to take and explicitly ask them to do it. Take a look at the bears again. They want you to do more than condemn extreme hunting, they also want you to sign your name. It’s clear, unambiguous, and effective. Plus, the cubs are pretty cute.

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