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3 ways to templatize your design process to build efficiency

Shea Williamson in design  

It’s 10:34am, 

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How Important is Mobile-First Web Design?

Shea Williamson in Content, design, usability, Web Design  

The headline might seem like a silly question, considering it’s safe to say that you—and the rest of the world—do A LOT of web browsing on your mobile phone. 

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4 tips for more professional-looking phone videos

Shea Williamson in  

Maybe you're a bit nervous about posting your first "professional" LinkedIn or YouTube video because you feel like you don't have the equipment, or the experience. OR, maybe you've posted tons of videos, but you're not quite sure how to take your video quality up a notch without tons of effort.[...]

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Brand Consistency, And How To Achieve It

Shea Williamson in Branding  

No point in stringing you along—let's get right to the gist of this post:

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How much does video equipment cost? A little. A lot. And somewhere in between.

Shea Williamson in design, Marketing, services, video  

Ahhh "video." That word has been at the top of every content creator's list of to-do's for the past decade. But where do you even start? Well... you could do worse than to buy and start experimenting with the equipment required to actually produce video content.

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5 Pillars of Homepage Content & Design

Shea Williamson in Web Design  

So you're creating a homepage. Or maybe you're updating or refreshing one. How do you make it "good?" Or—dare I say it—"great?" A great user experience (UX) requires a lot more than just great layout; it requires a thoughtful combination of things.

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