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How Important is Mobile-First Web Design?

Shea Williamson in Content, design, usability, Web Design  

The headline might seem like a silly question, considering it’s safe to say that you—and the rest of the world—do A LOT of web browsing on your mobile phone. 

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Case Study: Vera Whole Health Website Redesign

Polly Yakovich in Web Design  

When Vera Whole Health evolved as an organization, they needed a new web presence to match their direction. A Brave New quickly created them one.

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How We Build Websites That Drive Results

Josh Dougherty in Web Design  

Everyone can build a website today. Right?

Technically, yes. Services like Squarespace have democratized the creation of a website. But, they can't guarantee the resulting website will deliver results in the form of brand loyalty, qualified leads, and new customers. That takes a bit more[...]

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Case Study: Washington Fosters Website & Inbound

Polly Yakovich in Web Design, Inbound Marketing  

When the Washington Association For Children & Families wanted to increase recruitment of foster parents, A Brave New built them a first-in-the-nation inbound program.

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5 Pillars of Homepage Content & Design

Shea Williamson in Web Design  

So you're creating a homepage. Or maybe you're updating or refreshing one. How do you make it "good?" Or—dare I say it—"great?" A great user experience (UX) requires a lot more than just great layout; it requires a thoughtful combination of things.

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How To Prioritize The Right Website Goals

Josh Dougherty in Web Design  

Website goals. You better have them if you want to drive the growth of your site forward. In fact, you better not just have goals. You need to have the right goals.

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Introducing The New SeattleHumane.Org

Polly Yakovich in Web Design, Case Studies  

Last week we were thrilled to launch a new website for Seattle Humane. Seattle Humane's breadth, scope, and reach of animal care and leadership in working to make Washington a no-kill state sets it apart from any competitors.

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Blind Hope Is Too Risky. Try Usability Testing.

Josh Dougherty in Web Design  

"Usability testing provides an unbiased, accurate, and direct examination of your product or website’s user experience. By testing its usability on a sample of actual users who are detached from the amount of emotional investment your team has put into creating and designing the product or[...]
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Eye-tracking the Abstract

Jacob Smith in Web Design  

“Artwork is inherently emotional and the emotional reactions that are elicited by abstract artwork might lead participants to focus their attention within the upper-right quadrant to better engage emotional processing” — Nicole Thomas and Ali Simpson, Acta Psychologica

I found this article in[...]

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Introducing The New donorbase.com

Josh Dougherty in Web Design  

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of launching a freshly redesigned website for DonorBase. We love launching new websites for clients. Here's why:

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