10 Quick Tune-Ups For Your Digital Media Program This Year

Written by Polly Yakovich

Today I guest blogged over at Donlon Agency sharing 10 Quick Tune-Ups For Your Digital Media Program This Year.

Here's a preview:

Check Your Custom Audiences: If you haven’t uploaded any custom lists (and used them to build lookalike audiences), do that first (and quickly!). If you’re already are using custom audiences and lookalikes, check to see when they were last updated. Many organizations have just spent the last quarter of the year acquiring new donors and cultivating existing ones. If you haven’t updated your custom lists in the last few months, you’re missing out on people who are eager to hear from you and feel connected to your cause. After you’ve updated these lists, add a task to your calendar to do this quarterly.

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Written by Polly Yakovich on 03.26.2018
Category Digital Media  

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