The Value Of Research

Written by Polly Yakovich

Research can be expensive and time-consuming, so many businesses dismiss it. However, by collaborating with the right research partners and asking the right questions, research can reap valuable, versatile insights. On this episode of A Brave New Podcast, research expert Felicity Moore from Microsoft's Dynamics 365 team shares her top tips for conducting research the right way and getting an incredible return on your investment.

Felicity has worked extensively across fast-moving consumer goods, alcohol/beverage, and athletics industries, among others. She believes in getting out of the bubble and pushing herself to see all sides of the story. There is no distance too far, or methodology too challenging for her.

Felicity shares how to collaborate with your research partner for the best outcomes, and why research should be "built into" the life cycle of your development process. She shares specific examples of how research can provide new insights that can result in key product pivots. And she provides some great tips on how to identify and prepare for new trends and new advancements in marketing.

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Written by Polly Yakovich on 05.28.2020
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