Presenting at Seattle WordCamp

Written by Jacob Smith

Back in November I presented at WordCamp Seattle. It was an 8-minute lightning talk. You can view the video here.

All the talks that were part of that session were great, so you should watch it all. If you want to see my part, you can jump to the timestamp 30:30.

I mostly recapped my previous blog post on High Performance WordPress.

With my video successfully pimped, I'd like to take a moment to recommend WordCamp in general.

There is a WordCamp near you. I have no idea where you are, but I know it to be true. There have been 820 WordCamps in 65 countries, they are everywhere.

The cost is generally less than $50, which is well worth it. There will be talks for all levels and perspectives.

So check out your local WordCamp and learn about the software that powers 25% of the Internet.

Written by Jacob Smith on 03.29.2018
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