Feb 01, 2017

Podcast: Agile Marketing

By: Josh Dougherty


Agile methodologies have been used in the software world for a couple decades to great success. As a result, the term is thrown around a lot even though many people don't know what it is. Usually people think agile means moving quickly and turning on a dime. Agile processes like Scrum and Kanban make this possible using methodologies designed to help focused teams produce great work quickly.

Agile has been so popular in software that people are asking if the same methodologies can be applied in marketing. We were excited when the Andrea Fryrear and the Content Marketing Institute decided to discuss agile marketing in a recent post. Naturally, we decided to discuss as well. Have a listen.

We name drop Rindle a few times in this podcast. We've been using it since it was in private beta and are big fans.

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