Mar 13, 2018

Ian Lurie's Digital Marketing Stack

By: Josh Dougherty


There are a few wizards in the (digital) marketing world. For us, one of them is from right here in Seattle. And no, I am not talking about the newly former Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin. I'm talking about Ian Lurie, founder of Portent.

Ian is wicked smart and has been in the business for a while. He also produces a ton of valuable content if you're trying to learn more about digital marketing.

A few years ago he published a series of posts about the digital marketing stack. In these posts he explains in detail the foundational elements you need for any marketing effort, and the three types of channels should utilize to effectively market online. They may be a few years old, but they're as relevant as ever in 2018.

Here are the posts, check them out:

  1. The Digital Marketing Stack: Overview
  2. The Marketing Stack: Infrastructure
  3. The Digital Marketing Stack: Analytics
  4. The Digital Marketing Stack: Content
  5. The Digital Marketing Stack: Channels

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