Apr 17, 2018

A Mindful Moment

By: Polly Yakovich


One of our clients, Vera Whole Health, has built their clinical model around values like empathy, love, and mindfulness.

When we go to meetings at their offices, they often practice what they call a "Mindful Moment" before the meeting starts. It goes like this. Everyone comes into the meeting crazed from all the things they've been doing and distracted by thoughts of deadlines and upcoming work. Then the meeting owner starts the meeting. Everyone puts down their phones and pens, one person selects an exercise from a deck in each meeting room and as a group we all pause to center, re-focus, and bring our attention to the task at hand.

Mindfulness is nothing new to the business world. It's been proven to improve employees emotional intelligence, improve focus and productivity, and enhance creativity.

The other day we experienced this as we started a big internal kickoff meeting for a new website. Everyone was visibly harried. We had trouble getting focused. We joked about doing a mindful moment and then realized we actually really needed one. So we paused for a moment to re-align our focus so we could better join the conversation.

Try to build some of these pauses into your work this week. When you're feeling stressed, or having trouble concentrating because your mind is darting this way and that, just stop, close your eyes, and breathe. Maybe take a few long breaths in and out. Try to clear your mind and just focus on your breath. In and out. In and out. Count 10 breaths in and out. Then open your eyes and return to your task. You might be surprised how this simple exercise will help clear your mind and improve your productivity.

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