Why is it important that we work well with others? This isn't grade school after all. Simply put, it's important to us because we think it's vital to our success and the success of the people we work with.

We firmly believe the era of the agency of record is coming to an end. The pace of change and the need for specialization mean that you are going to have to work with a number of smaller groups to get stuff done.

You're not going to find a partner that will outright say they don't work well with others. So, what makes us different?

First of all, working well with others is a core value of A Brave New, along with the conviction that problems matter and marketing has to find a middle road. Partnerships aren't the exception for us, they're the norm.

If you work with us, expect us to bring in experts on social media, analytics or visual design. Having trouble finding a top notch iOS developer? Talk to our friend Ken. Need someone to help you bid on the electric spot market with advanced custom software? We've got you.

Second, we are also committed to transparency. We let you know about our partners before we get started. We can't imagine playing a game of telephone between you and someone working on your project. If we can't trust them to talk directly to you, how could we trust them to do good work?

Finally, we believe work is abundant not scarce. In other words, there's enough work for everyone. By supporting each other we create a stronger network of small providers who can truly care for your project.

We can't say enough about how much easier it is to work with an abundance mindset. Doing business moves from a zero sum game where someone has to lose so we can win, to a positive sum game where all the players can grow together.

Written by: Jacob Smith
Category: News & Notes
January 21, 2015
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