Vera Whole Health Website Redesign

When Vera Whole Health evolved as an organization, they needed a new web presence to match their direction. A Brave New quickly created them one.

The Sitch

A New Website For A New Direction

In the three years since Vera Whole Health had updated their website, their business had shifted dramatically.

To better meet the needs of their evolving business, they needed a new website that positioned them as leaders in the advanced primary care space and made a compelling case to their core audiences.

The Solve

Simplifying and Streamlining

A Brave New put together a full website redesign plan from information architecture and design, to content creation and development. As part of this plan, we:

Simplified Their Presence

Consolidated four different subdomains into a single one.

Changed CMS

Moved the company’s website from WordPress to Hubspot in order to better support their inbound marketing efforts. 

Implemented New Tools

Developed and refined a chatbot and personalization to better serve site visitors and answer queries.

The Results

Up and Running In No Time

Over the course of a few months, Vera and A Brave New wrote, designed, developed, and launched an updated web presence. The new site is not only in line with modern and trending web design and UX, but also better reflects Vera's position as an innovator in healthcare.


A Brave New’s redesign of our website was masterful. Our site today is functional, perfectly messaged, crisply designed, and above all, relevant. Vera’s a young company, not far from our startup days, and as their creative director said when it was all done, “this is what Vera looks like grown up."

Peter Li, VP Marketing

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