ClaimSimple Visual Identity

ClaimSimple needed a visual identity that communicated the trustworthy and accessible nature of their product to users in need of a knowledgeable partner.

The Sitch

A company in search of an approachable and helpful visual identity

ClaimSimple offers a product that takes a complex and often overwhelming process, managing a claim with an insurance company, and strives to make it simple for users. They’re a trusted partner, helping users put their lives back together after catastrophe strikes. When the ClaimSimple website was initially launched, the company relied on a basic design template to demonstrate the value of their product. But, the team was aware that a more tailored visual language would be necessary.

In meetings with A Brave New, the ClaimSimple team communicated their desire for a visual identity that demonstrated their expertise, while also remaining simple and down to earth. Approachability and clarity were key because people visiting the ClaimSimple website needed help dealing with unfortunate and often overwhelming circumstances.

The Solve

Thoughtful design prioritizing clarity and trust

We focused on an overarching concept, logo, and hero graphics. A data visualization approach was used to simplify the complex scenarios ClaimSimple needed to communicate. Green was chosen as the primary color, representing renewal, safety, and hope. Earth tones were incorporated to create an inviting mood, while red captured the attention of visitors. Custom icons added distinction and big, bold typography made ClaimSimple’s messaging clear. 

With the new visual identity in place, the website is welcoming and impactful, meets modern design standards, and represents ClaimSimple as an authoritative, confident, and trustworthy partner.

In the coming months, as ClaimSimple transitions into a true SaaS model, this fresh visual identity will be complemented by enhancements to both the product and website.




We absolutely LOVE everything you created for our business, such an impressive jump forward for our in-house capabilities. Everything was well organized and super easy to understand and roll out internally.

Hannah Howson, Inventory Specialist

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