Lake Group Media branding & website redesign

A Brave New worked closely with Lake Group Media to bring a modern touch to both their visual and web presences but in a way that stayed true to their long-standing brand essence and customer expectations.

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A modern brand and web experience is a must

Over the years, Lake Group Media has been busy providing its customers with results-driven marketing and audience data solutions. And as we all know, staying focused on customer success is priority number one. Branding and other marketing assets are certainly important, but they're often a big effort. 

While it was time to show the brand some attention, the Lake Group team knew that the website needed the biggest lift—most notably a site responsiveness overhaul to create a much more user-friendly mobile browsing experience.


New visuals, fresh content, tight organization, and communication

Refreshing the Lake Group Media website was the top priority, so branding and content development had no time to waste. 

We quickly got to work with the Lake Group team, engaging in multiple discovery and planning meetings to ensure we captured everything they wanted to bring to life in their new brand and site.

Accelerated branding

A Brave New utilized our structured accelerated branding process to conduct effective group workshops, gain consensus on new visuals and core brand elements, and solidify a usable brand identity, all within 3 months of project kickoff.

Structured content creation

We built out organized content-mapping tools to make sure we were creating compelling, optimized, outcome-focused content across all of Lake Group's 14 individual solutions, multiple audience segments, and foundational company pages.

User-friendly site design

Not only did we optimize the site across devices and browsers—and make it easier for visitors to find what they were looking for via a new information architecture—we also made sure to optimize the content management system to make it easy for Lake Group to administer long-term.


A truly differentiated presence

Lake Group Media has been established, successful, and well-respected in the industry for decades. It didn't need a refresh to change existing customers' perceptions—those customers already know Lake Group is a strategic leader and true partner. Now, Lake Group simply has a visual identity and web presence that help reflect those qualities to new prospects.

From bold typography, colors and upward-trending visuals, to value-driven content and a more intuitive site architecture, Lake Group's brand and site more clearly communicate its world-class  capabilities.





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