Symplr HubSpot Site Enhancement

symplr, a healthcare operations organization, needed a functional design system capable of scaling.

The Sitch

A Collection of Assets Instead of the Structure to Grow

symplr is an enterprise providing healthcare operations solutions and services. They’ve improved outcomes for more than 3,000 healthcare customers by simplifying their operations and helping to solve numerous daily challenges. 

When the symplr team approached ABN, they already had a logo in place, as well as established brand colors and fonts. However, their website didn’t have a design system that would allow them to respond quickly to the needs of their marketing, promotion, and sales efforts, let alone scale for the future.

The Solve

A Better System: Today and Tomorrow

Our team knew how important it would be to bring the symplr brand up to speed with today’s best practices in HubSpot. Keeping both mobile and desktop users in mind, we introduced a Material UI kit that allowed us to focus on enhancing conversions and introducing memorable, experience-driven design elements. We also redesigned and streamlined the homepage to better suit the healthcare industry and support both mobile and desktop visitors. 

symplr now has access to global templates and modules within HubSpot CMS they can easily rework to meet their evolving needs. Forms were updated to be more intuitive and remember users. Landing page conversion templates make converting and generating high quality leads simpler. DEI modules allow symplr to meaningfully showcase their values, and team members can easily add in-depth case studies to their site as the organization continues to grow. Also included in the design system were recruiting modules and call-outs, awards showcases, and a template library to ease the process of future build-outs.

symplr - case study - image 1


The Results

Improved Convenience and Efficiency

Now symplr has a design system in place that’s both functional and scalable. The website is up to date with HubSpot best practices, and the symplr team has the ability to quickly and easily make necessary updates.

symplr - case study - image 4

symplr - case study - image 3

symplr - case study - image 2


The key benefit of a design system is to remain nimble without sacrificing quality or consistency. This is achieved by utilizing predetermined design templates, components, and elements from a web-based library that deliver a consistent brand experience from channel to channel. It also provides the ability to scale quickly and operate in a time-efficient manner that will preserve design resources.

Phil Padilla, Art Director, A Brave New

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