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TessaB needed an engaging way to describe how their blockchain-powered platform reinvents mobile device ownership. A Brave New brought the story together in an explainer video that captured the spirit of TessaB's brand and engaged three separate audiences.

The Sitch

So much to explain, so little time

TessaB’s blockchain-powered platform allows mobile device buyers, sellers, and vendors to make transparent, fairly priced transactions. But they needed a way to explain all the different aspects of this ecosystem: marketplace, warranty, diagnostics, and more. 

Their goal was to create a video that would engage potential end users, excite investors, and educate their own internal team. And of course, it needed to be ready to roll in time for a major shareholder meeting — in eight weeks.

The Solve

A story with all the right details

With a tight timeline on the horizon, we set up a structured process and a solid schedule that allowed us to collaborate closely with TessaB. Together, we produced a video that captured key information and drew audiences in for more details.

Capturing the essential story

We distilled TessaB’s original 10-minute storyboard into a 2-minute overview that introduced different aspects of the platform without weighing down the narrative with too much detail.

Engaging multiple audiences

We made sure that the video spoke to the unique interests and priorities of end users, potential investors, and internal team members.

Representing the brand

We worked closely withTessaB’s marketing team to make sure that every aspect of the video matched their energy and the voice of their brand. 

The Results

A motion graphic to start conversations

The final product was a motion graphic video that balanced multiple story elements while still leaving a lasting impression. TessaB successfully released the video at their shareholder meeting and it is still making a positive impression on future users and investors.

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We knew it was ambitious to fit so much into a teaser video. A Brave New really rose to the challenge. They met an aggressive deadline and captured what sets us apart. And they were great to work with every step of the way.

— Andrew Weisselberg, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience, TessaB

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