Cancer Center branding & implementation

We facilitated a brand development and implementation process with Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) and Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF) to develop a brand that unifies the two organizations around their shared identity, embodies their unique approach & vision for the future, and honors the legacy of their founder.

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A content planning conversation reveals the need for clarification

Our initial conversations with HCI, HCF, and our agency partner Donlon Agency focused on the need for a content strategy that could align outgoing communication efforts by the two organizations. As conversations continued, it was clear that a content strategy would only be effective if there was a shared understanding of what made the work and mission of the HCI unique, how it connected with the vision of their late founder Jon M. Huntsman, and the organization's growth trajectory for the next years. 

HCI has incredibly strong brand recognition in Salt Lake City and the rest of the Mountain West. It also maintains a national profile as an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. Another goal of the branding process was to position HCI to stand out from other leading cancer centers across the country.


Brand development combined with consistent implementation

A Brave New completed a full branding development and implementation process including audience research, brand identity development, visuals and messaging, and  a 12-month implementation process. Together with our partners at HCI and HCF, we developed a brand that could carry the organizations forward into the next phase of their growth. Our approach produced multiple key outcomes.

Organizational alignment

We collaborated with a team of 30 stakeholders from HCI and HCF to create a brand identity that aligned the two organizations and a content planning process that would ensure future efforts were in line with HCI's unique approach.

A unique vision

We explored what makes HCI unique, how late founder Jon M. Hunstman influenced the organization, and HCI's aspirations for the future. The resulting brand identity solidified HCI's unique approach and provided a roadmap for living out the brand for years to come.

Design systems

Once we had finalized the branding process, we used an organizational content strategy to develop a system for HCI and HCF to collaborate on communication efforts. We facilitated the process for 12 months before handing it off to the HCI/HCF teams


A clarified vision for the future along with refreshed visuals and messaging

Throughout the project, we focused on clarifying HCI's unique vision and approach, not creating something new from scratch. HCI is a dynamic organization that approaches its work in a unique way. Our job was simply to capture that uniqueness, bottle it up, and make it possible for everyone within the organization to embody it.

Our approach was similar when it came to brand visuals and messaging. We wanted to build on the substantial brand equity contained in the Huntsman name, their existing logo and visuals, and current messaging, while modernizing and preparing them for the next stage of their growth as a national leader in cancer research and care.


We wanted to focus on ensuring our brand, and the many ways we communicate about Huntsman Cancer Institute, position our  organization for growth while honoring our history and the legacy of our founder. A key priority to our brand implementation was outlining a process that would fully align and coordinate the communication efforts of Huntsman Cancer Institute, and our philanthropic partner, Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

Ashlee Bright

Director of Communications & Public Affairs


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