What do we mean by branding?

Branding is more than a name and a logo. It’s the overall association, perception, or memory a customer has of your company and products.

Every brand is a promise that is made between a company and its audience. If your mission is what you do, your brand is the unique way that you approach your work and the specific way you want to share your story with the world.

Our Approach

Conventional wisdom is that the branding process should take anywhere from 12-24 months. We think that conventional wisdom is wrong (you can read more about our accelerated branding process here).

Our structured branding model reduces the process to 6-8 months start to finish and focuses on uncovering the uniqueness that already exists in your business rather than developing something new.

Qualitative Research

of current trends, employee and cultural perspectives, audience concerns and competitive analysis.


for concept development, brand identity finalization, and visual identity.


to sharpen the strong points of your brand and refine the areas customers find uninspirational.

Integrated Branding

The integrated branding model focuses on first developing your brand drivers through research.

Your central brand driver is your brand essence — the connecting thread linking together everything that you do. It’s the memory you want to leave people with every time you interact with them.

Content Strategy as Brand Implementation

One distinctive part of our branding focus is the focus on implementation.

We not only help you develop a new brand, we help you launch it effectively, and implement it consistently.

Our brand identity process emphasizes speed in order to maintain excitement about implementation. This is critical, since it takes 1-3 years of consistent implementation to successfully roll out a brand. 



The 4 Phases
of Branding

  • BRAND RESEARCH including quantitative research, in-depth interviews, persona development, brand audits.
  • Brand identity development including three 1-day development workshops, the creation of a unified brand identity, and brand architecture and naming recommendations.
  • Visual identity and messaging platform to develop a brand style guide and digital brand portal.
  • Brand implementation including focus group acceptance testing, comprehensive brand implementation plan, content strategy to guide implementation efforts, and one year of implementation coaching.

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