Examining Our Values and Looking to the Future, with Jill Jago

May 28, 2020

In Jill Jago’s own words: “I don’t believe in perfection. The most exciting and world-changing ideas have been born from a chaotic soup of clashing opinions, crazy notions, and stubborn dreams. This is where I thrive. Throw me into a messy situation and I’m looking for patterns, making connections and eventually tugging on the end of the thread that will weave all the best bits together into one glorious opportunity.”

Jill believes that as humans we have the power to create the future we want and she doesn’t want to wake up one morning and wonder, “what happened?”

With over 25 years of strategic communications experience, Jill has worked with clients around the world ranging from a water treatment utility to a bijou bakery in Brooklyn. She calls herself a Futurist and a liberator of big ideas.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Jill describes herself as a Futurist, and why she is particularly focused on "liberating big ideas"
  • How Jill helps her consulting clients by coming in with a fresh, outside perspective to identify unexpected patterns that create new opportunities
  • Why Jill believes the Covid pandemic is creating an eye-opening global sense of human interconnectivity for the first time
  • Why the key to Futurism is understanding the current environment and then extrapolating possible futures from present data
  • Why this unique situation is an opportunity to reflect on our values, and why Jill hopes marketers will think about how they can be a positive force for change
  • Why businesses who are willing to pivot and think outside the box are creating new opportunities for themselves, even during these difficult times
  • Why the marketing and messaging trend toward "authenticity" is often inauthentic and manufactured, and why true authenticity is a powerful force

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