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August 1, 2020

Polly Yakovich is co-founder and Chief Strategist at A Brave New, a Seattle digital marketing agency focused on helping businesses accelerate their growth through inbound marketing, branding, and web design. She specializes in working with clients to identify barriers to their growth and overcoming them with strategic content and marketing tactics. She has more than fifteen years of experience in digital marketing and branding.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What exciting topics and diverse range of guests will be appearing in future episodes of A Brave New Podcast
  • Why your company’s website and digital marketing efforts are surprisingly instrumental in converting inbound leads into sales
  • Why more than half of your B2B or B2C buyer journey (and related decisions) happen through your website, before you even know the prospective customer is looking
  • How the A Brave New Podcast series can help owners and employees of brave, entrepreneurial companies with big growth dreams
  • Why A Brave New Podcast is perfect for those who are experiencing challenges marketing to high value, hard-to-reach prospects
  • How the A Brave New Podcast series will help you determine what marketing investments are right for your business


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Show Transcription:

Welcome to A Brave New podcast, the podcast all about how brave entrepreneurial companies are unlocking their business potential using inbound marketing. Here is your marketing expert and host, Polly Yakovich.

Polly Yakovich:
Welcome to A Brave New podcast, the podcast all about unlocking business potential through marketing. At A Brave New we don't see marketing as rocket science or magic, it's really about smart decisions combined with discipline and the systems to make it easier. But knowing how to combine these factors takes experience, which is why this podcast exists. On A Brave New podcast we're going to be sharing our experience, we'll be talking to other savvy marketers who can teach you the best traits of digital marketing and talk about the discipline of direct response marketing to help you craft strong, inbound lead generation systems for your company, and how to ask boldly and often for the sale. Lots of marketers think that it's impossible to convert high-value, hard-to-reach prospects through your website. For some reason, there's a belief that websites are only useful for converting small sales or simple products, but the high-value or complex sales need to be done one to one.

Polly Yakovich:
The truth is that 70% of B2B buyer journeys happen before you even know your customers are looking, and 63% B2B buyers finalize a vendor list based solely on their digital content. What that means is more than half of your buyer journey and related decisions have already been completed before you know your prospect is looking, and if you aren't in the B2B space, the numbers are the same for B2C. Buying decisions start long before you know your prospect exists or your first conversion with them takes place. The question isn't just how to reach out to them, it's why they should reach out to you. If you own or work at a brave entrepreneurial company with big dreams to grow past your current limits, or if you're struggling to market to high-value, hard-to-reach prospects, or if you're not sure what marketing is worth paying for and what you can expect to get back from it, then this is the podcast for you. My name is Polly Yakovich and welcome to A Brave New podcast.

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