Jan 15, 2021

Case Study: Redapt Brand Refresh

By: Ash Hoffman


Acquiring businesses is tough work. There’s a lot of legalese, paperwork, and money transacting involved. And when it’s finally all said and done, you still have to do the hard work of blending cultures, coworkers, and brands together into a single, cohesive company. 

When Redapt acquired a cloud services company in 2018, they embarked on a journey to expand their service offerings and stay up to date with what the market wanted. However, not only did their old branding not fit the new direction the company was going, but they also needed to blend the acquired brand with their own. 

Oh, and did I mention that they needed this refresh within a span of just 4 months? 

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2 Companies, 1 Brand, 4 months

That’s where we came in. Not one to back down from a challenge, the A Brave New team stepped in and developed a whole new brand identity that unified the two companies and positioned Redapt as a modern enterprise technology company.


Over the 4-month timeframe, we helped Redapt with:

  1. Conducting brand research
  2. Creating a new brand identity
  3. Designing visuals & crafting brand messaging
  4. Implementing the new brand across multiple media platforms

Once it was complete, not only was the brand beautiful, but it also helped to establish a new internal culture with an updated, single set of brand values. It helped everyone — both internally and externally — to rally around one core vision and feel a part of something bigger than they were before. 

Redapt now also stands out among the crowd of other enterprise tech organizations and leads the way with a clear value proposition.

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