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New Ebook: The Secret To An Accelerated Branding Process | A Brave New

Josh Dougherty in Branding, Featured  

If you’re an entrepreneur or marketer, you’re in the memory business. The business of creating a memorable brand. I would go so far as to say that discovering the unique memory (the essence of your brand) you want to create is the best way to safeguard the future of your company.

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How We Build Websites That Drive Results

Josh Dougherty in Web Design  

Everyone can build a website today. Right?

Technically, yes. Services like Squarespace have democratized the creation of a website. But, they can't guarantee the resulting website will deliver results in the form of brand loyalty, qualified leads, and new customers. That takes a bit more[...]

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A Very Tactical Guide To Our Inbound Marketing Services

Josh Dougherty in Inbound Marketing  

As inbound marketers it's our job to be ridiculously helpful to prospects who would benefit from using our products or services. If we can do this at each stage of the buyer’s journey, our efforts will produce results to the tune of new customers and net new revenue.

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Stick With Your Inbound Investment For At Least 6 Months

Josh Dougherty in Inbound Marketing  

When COVID-19 hit the scene in early March we all experienced a massive shock to the system. Businesses like restaurants and walk-up retail were the first to face the crushing impact of stay at home orders. The crash of what seemed like a steady and growing economy has no doubt impacted us all[...]

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Wrapping Up The Weirdest Quarter Ever

Josh Dougherty in Strategy, Inbound Marketing  

Well, this quarter has been a weird one. All of the possibility from early January feels a long ways away as I write this while sheltering in place in my home. It's not all bad though. I've been blown away by the flexibility and spirit of our team and the creativity and guile of our clients over[...]

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Get Our New Ebook: Learn How To Generate The Right Leads

Josh Dougherty in Inbound Marketing  

Lack of trust in salespeople, easy access to information about your business that you can’t control, complex sales that require buy-in from an army of executives — simply generating the right leads can feel like a crapshoot.

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Be Brave Enough To Trust Your Gut

Josh Dougherty in Entrepreneurship  

Most days I feel like I'm a brand new business owner. Then I sit back and reflect that Polly and I and our team have been building A Brave New together for more than six years. Time flies.

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Why We Believe In An Accelerated Branding Process

Josh Dougherty in Branding  

Strong brands stand out. They redefine how people think about a business, an industry, a vertical. This is powerful, especially if you're in a field where most people say that differentiation isn't possible.

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4 Questions To Answer About Your Business As We Start 2020

Josh Dougherty in Strategy  

It's January 2020. New decade. New opportunities. Now all we have to do is take advantage of them, right?

We all know that taking advantage of opportunities will take effort. And I'd like to focus our effort in the right place.

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Why You Should Pair Digital Advertising With Your Inbound Marketing Program

Josh Dougherty in  

A high-performing inbound marketing program takes time to build. We tell our clients that the entire first year is about laying the foundation. That, very simply, is why we pair digital advertising with every inbound marketing retainer. It's also why we recommend you do the same.

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