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Case Study: Redapt Brand Refresh

Ash Hoffman in Branding  

Acquiring businesses is tough work. There’s a lot of legalese, paperwork, and money transacting involved. And when it’s finally all said and done, you still have to do the hard work of blending cultures, coworkers, and brands together into a single, cohesive company. 

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The Best of 2020: 5 Posts to Make You a Better Marketer in 2021

Polly Yakovich in Marketing  

We all know 2020 was quite the year, and most of us are very happy to leave it all behind us. But I am determined to take something from it as well! It can’t all have been a loss.

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New Case Study: Huntsman Cancer Institute Brand Identity Development

Polly Yakovich in Branding  

Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) and Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF) needed a unifying brand identity that embodied their ideals and honored the legacy of their founder, Jon M. Huntsman. A Brave New created a brand identity to prepare HCI and HCF for the next 25 years of pursuing their[...]

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New Guide: Why Inbound Marketers Must Embrace Direct Response Principles

Polly Yakovich in Web Design  

I’m just going to come out and say it: direct response marketing and I go way back. In fact, my first job in marketing was in direct response. (Cue record scratch sound effect.)

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How We Price Website Design

Josh Dougherty in Web Design  

Ah, websites. We all have one (or we need one). Most businesses who have a website also have a wishlist of the ways they’d like to improve it. But making that wishlist a reality is no small undertaking. Before you get started, you probably want to know how long it’s going to take and how much[...]

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8 Helpful Resources & 3 Takeaways To Amp Up Your On-Page SEO In 2021

Ash Hoffman in Strategy  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial component of every organization's digital marketing strategy. In fact, it should be a crucial component of your growth strategy.

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How We Price Branding

Josh Dougherty in Branding  

Ah, branding. We all know it’s important. Just look at how much money gets spent on it. Some organizations blink their eyes and realize they’ve shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars on a branding project, and still aren’t sure how to implement it. 

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The Case For Growth-Driven Design

Josh Dougherty in Web Design  

The frustration and discomfort hung in the room. I had an overwhelming desire to disappear into the wall, but I couldn't. I was stuck.

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How To Choose A Website Platform & Why To Consider Hubspot CMS Hub

Josh Dougherty in Web Design  

I've been building websites for a long time. Developers would probably want me to qualify that statement. I am a brand and content strategist by trade, so I don't write code. But I have guided dozens of clients through the web design process, done the hard work of structuring content to appeal[...]

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